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Campfire Talk: What Can We Really Do With Smore?

Tiffani Reardon, Instructional Designer, Kennesaw State University

Smore Tutorials

Creating a Smore Account | Creating a Smore | Smore Video Tutorials

Flyers in Smore

Smore is technically meant to create digital flyers. Check out these two examples here!
Link to the HEeD Smore flyer. Link to the MOOC Smore flyer.
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Syllabi in Smore

Try creating interactive syllabi with Smore! There are so many features that can make your syllabi more engaging (thereby encouraging your students to actually read it). Below is a "Start Here" module from my workshop that acts as our syllabus and a "Welcome" message from me to the participants.
Link to the Smore ASUW "Start Here" Module. Link to Smore "Welcome" note.
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Content Delivery and Beyond!

This is where you come in! After seeing some of the cool interactive things you can do in Smore, what kinds of content delivery would you use it for? How else would you use this tool?

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