Tiffani Reardon

Decorative Coffee and Keyboard

Other Employment

eDesign Shop

July 2017-present: Contract Instructional Designer

The eDesign Shop is made up of course design team members gathered from universities and colleges throughout the country, who are looking to take on additional design projects. Our team is managed by those who have built and overseen university course design units. This real-time experience sets us apart from the competition.

DC Office of Contracting and Procurement:
  • May 2018-December 2018, Contract Administration
  • July 2017-December 2018, Executive Procurement Seminar
  • July 2017-December 2018, Managing the P-Card
  • July 2017-December 2018, Using the P-Card
North Carolina Council for Women and Youth Involvement and Capitol Broadcasting:
  • July 2019-September 2019, Service Provision for Human Trafficking
  • July 2019-September 2019, Introduction to Human Trafficking

Lockheed Martin

August 2014-May 2015: Associate Technical Writer, Canada French Team, Structures Specialist, C-130 Program

Perform technical edit and/or audit on technical manuals for the C-130J and C-130B-H airplanes for all clients. Edit for grammar, style, spelling, and other mechanical errors. Work closely with writers, team leads, and QA auditors to produce the most efficient manual possible. Seasonally, perform translation audit and edit on French books for Canada client. Keep track of types and number of errors for each book, as well as where in the QC process it is via Microsoft Access.

Certification: Quality Assurance Certified