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Courses Taken in the Doctor of Philosophy in Technical Communication and Rhetoric Program


Course Title Course Description
ENGL 5371 - Foundations of Technical Communication Theory and practice of technical communication.

Opening Up Technical Communication Education (Ignite Talk)

Human-Centered Design and the Field of Technical Communication (Presentation)
ENGL 5363 - Research Methods in TCR In Progress An introduction to a variety of research methods and methodologies used in Composition and Rhetoric and Technical Communication research.
ENGL 5361 - Inventions in Writing In Progress The history of rhetoric, how speakers and writers have developed arguments from Classical Greek and Roman times to the present.

Research Methods

Have not yet taken.

TCR Specialization

Course Title Course Description
ENGL 5365 - Studies in Composition (Online Writing Instruction) Introduction to theoretical and practical complexities of online writing instruction.

Open Technical Communication (Open Course)
ENGL 5366 - Teaching Technical and Professional Communication Theory and teaching of technical and professional writing with special attention to developing course objectives, syllabi, and teaching techniques.

Teaching Portfolio
ENGL 5368 - Studies in Written Argumentation (Public Discourse) History and theories of written argumentation.

Toulmin Analysis
ENGL 5369 - Discourse and Technology Study of the effects of computer networks and digitally mediated knowledge management on theoretical, practical, and pedagogical notions of discourse and discourse communities.

Social Credit, Harmless Torture, and a 4.5 Rating (Presentation)

From Wooden Sticks to Smart Exoskeletons: How Prostheses Have Evolved with Society (Technology Analysis)

Discourses on Digital Textbooks (Mini-Literature Review)
ENGL 5375 - Document Design Theory and practice of creating comprehensible, usable, and persuasive texts.

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